Our company dreams of a united world where everyone can enjoy creating together.
We offer a variety of services through which foreign visitors and overseas companies can get closer to Japan.

Let’s connect with Japan!

Business for foreigners

With the hope of allowing you to have a better time in Japan, we hold events aimed at foreign visitors where we provide various experiences and opportunities for positive international exchange.
For foreigners planning a long-term stay in Japan, we offer real estate-related services and life support in Japan. Among other things, we also offer language learning spaces, cultural education opportunities and all the support you need to enjoy a safe and comfortable life in Japan.

Real estate business

We provide support for those from overseas who are looking for a place to live in Japan, and for those who are considering purchasing or investing in real estate in Japan.
In our company, professional teams made up of qualified real estate agents work on consulting and finding solutions in real estate transactions for foreigners.
Please contact us if you are interested in Japanese real estate.

Overseas business

Anime, manga, karaoke, food culture, traditional performing arts…
There is a great deal of internationally recognized, ‘made-in-Japan’ content!
We bring information about said content as well as Japanese products and talented human resources from Japan to you.
For those who want to experience Japanese content overseas, we dispatch talented people capable of providing customers with various ‘made-in-Japan’ content tailored to your needs. In addition, to those who are interested in Japanese culture or want to build a career in Japan, our company offers opportunities to actively express yourselves.
We are ready to help people express themselves across borders.




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